Securities fraud Attorney, investment fraud lawyer, broker problems, recover lost investment

If an investment you made significantly decreased in value, stopped paying as expected, or has signaled bankruptcy or foreclosure, please contact our office for an analysis of your facts.

Many investments are sold with material non-dissclosures that you may be unaware of.

I am a San Francisco securities fraud attorney. I handle various securities cases including stock fraud lawsuits, investment loss recovery, and FINRA Arbitrations against SEC/NASD/FINRA broker-dealers..

If you have a securities law question, please send me an email or visit my website for more information at


Attorney Daniel Bakondi

The Law Office of Daniel Bakondi
870 Market Street, Suite 1157
San Francisco CA 94102


PHONE: (415) 450 – 0424

This communication does not constitute legal advice. Your time to act may be limited by law, requiring you to act immediately.


About California Litigation Attorney

As a litigation attorney in California, I handle business, property, investment and securities fraud and negligence, including broker and financial advisor cases in court and FINRA securities arbitration.
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