Attorney investigates UBS CDO deal’s false representations and investment loss recovery options

UBS Bank will pay $50 million to US regulators to settle claims that it has made material omissions and or misrepresentations in connection with Collateralized Debt Obligations. As alleged by US regulators, the bank unlawfully kept $23 million dollars that should have gone to the benefit of investors, as stated in:

If you are an investor or have a large investment loss, or believe you are the victim of financial malpractice or securities fraud, contact our law firm to discuss what, if any options you may have for recovery.

Our firm has obtained millions of dollars in settlements and judgments for wronged and defrauded investors.

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This website does not make any allegation that anyone has done anything wrong – only that we are investigating.


About California Litigation Attorney

As a litigation attorney in California, I handle business, property, investment and securities fraud and negligence, including broker and financial advisor cases in court and FINRA securities arbitration.
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