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If you have millions of dollars in unexpected investment losses, or a significant portion of your portfolio or retirement, Please contact us. Your broker or financial advisor will not tell you what rules, laws, and industry standards he violated – but we will.

Failure to do due diligence before approving an investment for sale, failure to diversify, “overconcentration” into one asset class, breach of fiduciary duty/breach of loyalty, failure to disclose all material facts and risks, and failure to properly assess the investor’s goals and recommend appropriate investments are very common breaches of the relationship of trust between investors and investment professionals. Securities transactions often involve misrepresented or undisclosed facts, risks or problems with the investment. Such acts may constitute securities fraud or investment fraud, stock broker fraud, broker misconduct, breach of fiduciary duty or other violations.

Mr. Bakondi’s practice involves an array of complex stock broker, financial advisor, and broker-dealer malpractice in both securities litigation and arbitration. Mr. Bakondi and his team seek investor compensation for:

Securities fraud lawsuits
Securitized real estate/tenant in common 1031 TICs investment losses
Non-traded REIT (real estate investment trusts) investment losses
Alternative investment and non-conventional investment losses
ETFs investment losses
Stock market losses
Loan funds, investment notes, bond funds, commodities, churning, options lost money
Stock price drop losses and stock manipulation
Stockholder rights violations
Auction rate securities
Oil/Gas TICs
Commodities losses
Complex derivatives
Penny stocks
Sale of unsuitable, overly risky, or speculative investments arbitrations

Any other large investment or trading loss

Only a knowledgeable investment fraud attorney can tell you whether the broker breached industry practices and the law. Such breaches cost investors millions.

As a FINRA Arbitration Attorney, Daniel Bakondi brings dozens of lawsuits nationwide in court and FINRA securities arbitration for investment losses, and often recovers cash settlements for investors. FINRA Arbitration is a lower-cost dispute settlement forum created by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) formerly NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers).

Mr. Bakondi also litigates matters involving unregistered securities and unlicensed sale of securities. For details, and an assessment of your case, please contact Mr. Bakondi for a consultation.

If your investment has suffered any dramatic and unexpected loss in value, whether stock, mutual fund, ownership of a corporation, interest in a reit,or other investment, based on any information or misinformation, you should be aware of the law regarding your circumstances.

Mr. Bakondi often takes many cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning he only gets paid a percentage of the cash recovery you receive.

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About California Litigation Attorney

As a litigation attorney in California, I handle business, property, investment and securities fraud and negligence, including broker and financial advisor cases in court and FINRA securities arbitration.
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