Over-concentration and failure to diversify in investment loss cases

Over-concentration is when a financial advisor or broker recommends placing a significant portion of your investment portfolio into a single asset class or type of investment.

You may not notice a problem for years, until a shift in market forces, or a hidden defect of the investment reveals itself.

As a rule of thumb, not more than 20% of an investor’s assets should be in a single type of investment.

Over-concentration is related to failure to diversify, and will often reveal other problems with the sale of the investment. Often, the broker or financial advisor will violate other rules such as breach of fiduciary duty -for example: by over-concentrating the investor’s portfolio because he or she receives a higher commission for a certain type of investment. Failure to properly diversify an investment may also constitute professional negligence, and fraud.

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As a litigation attorney in California, I handle business, property, investment and securities fraud and negligence, including broker and financial advisor cases in court and FINRA securities arbitration.
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