FINRA Arbitration Attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq. has recovered millions of dollars in settlements, awards, and judgments for investment losses, and has over a decade of securities litigation, arbitration, and investment loss recovery experience suing brokers and financial advisors, broker dealers, financial institutions, and other organizations.

Regardless why you think the investment loss occurred, contact FINRA Arbitration Attorney Daniel Bakondi today to find out whether we may help you obtain a recovery.

FINRA Arbitration Attorney cases may be based on:
– Stock broker or investment advisor fraud or malpractice
– Investment advisory firm’s failure to do proper due diligence before recommending an investment
– Financial firm’s failure to properly match investment goals with risk and circumstances
– Company’s failure to disclose facts related to their organization, including related to stock price drops

FINRA Arbitration Attorney Daniel Bakondi focuses on recovery in large, complex, and high-profile investment loss cases.

Please contact securities arbitration attorney Daniel A. Bakondi today for a free evaluation of your options for recovery of your lost investment.

(415) 450 – 0424

The Law Office of Daniel Bakondi
Attorney Daniel A. Bakondi, Esq.
870 Market Street, Suite 1157
San Francisco CA 94102

This does not create an attorney client relationship or constitute legal advice. The law limits the time you have to take action. Attorney licensed in California and performs securities arbitrations nationwide.


About California Litigation Attorney

As a litigation attorney in California, I handle business, property, investment and securities fraud and negligence, including broker and financial advisor cases in court and FINRA securities arbitration.
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